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Build Bigger Bicep Like Arnold: Best Biceps Workout and Exercises for Building Muscle

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Exercise

Arnold Schwarzenegger's 4 Best Bicep Exercises for Building Muscle!

Greetings, people who are interested in fitness! Hercules Bodybuilding is where we are once again. In today’s lesson, we are going to examine the biceps program that Arnold Schwarzenegger, the famous actor, utilized throughout his offseason. The following are some delights for you if you are seeking a strategy to increase the size of your arms while also preserving your overall heft. First, let’s take a step-by-step look at Arnold’s arduous biceps workout that he does throughout the offseason.


Arnold’s Big Biceps Bulking Strategy and Best Biceps Exercise Idea

First things first: before we get into the specifics, let’s take a look at the method that Arnold used when he was making his bulk. In addition to working out his arms twice a week, Arnold maintained a split schedule that lasted for six days. The fact that each arm workout lasted for a full two hours and was divided into distinct parts for the triceps, biceps, and forearms is the most fascinating aspect of the exercise routine. To ensure that he acquired both weight and quality, Arnold’s super-bombing routine included using the absolute maximum weight in each workout. This allowed him to achieve the best possible results. Train the biceps to grow your bicep muscle fast by following Arnold’s routine. In this section, we will examine the specifics of his fitness routine.


Arnold’s training regimen is centered around intensity and variety. Let’s look at the exercises he picked to get those massive yet well-defined Biceps. Train your biceps short head, long head and full upper arm for strength and size. Arm muscles are most strong muscle of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He train biceps with dedication for best function of the biceps muscle. Let’s see his best 4 bicep exercise in details below:-

Exercise 1: Cheating Barbell Bicep Curl

Arnold’s routine starts in his Cheating barbell curl. Arnold did 5-8 sets, with 8-12 repetitions. This workout is designed to strengthen the biceps and allows him to work with the weights with a lot of force, which stimulates the growth of muscles and enhancing strength.

Exercise 2: Incline Dumbbell Biceps Curl

In the next step, Inclining Dolly Curls, Arnold believed in hitting the biceps at different angles. By completing 8-12 reps in 5-8 sets He made sure his body was building mass and improving the shape and size that his biceps had. Try to squeeze your biceps muscle.


Exercise 3: One-Arm Concentration Biceps Curl

Then, Arnold switched his focus on isolation exercises using The One Arm Concentration Curl. The exercise focused on biceps in the individual with a focus on the mind-muscle connection. He did 5 sets of 10 repetitions.

Exercise 4: Standing Alternate Dumbbell Bicep Curl

Finally, Arnold included the Standing Alternate Dumbbell Curl. This workout helped him attain stability and symmetry in his arm growth. He performed 5 sets of 10 repetitions.


Try This 4 Best Bicep Workout and Exercises for Building Arm Muscles Grow Faster! Follow Tips for Way to Build Biceps Arnold’s Routine for Best Function of The Biceps!

Before you plunge into Arnold’s best exercises routine Here are a few essential tips to think about:

As you make progress, you will gradually increase the weights that you use to test your muscles and encourage growth. This will be done in order to ensure continuous improvement. Observe the correct forms. Ensure that you maintain your form for the entirety of your workouts. Not only does this assist optimize the benefits, but it also contributes to the prevention of injuries. The key to achieving the best results throughout your bulking phase is proper nutrition. throughout this period, you should make sure that you consume a enough amount of calories and protein in order to meet your goals of gaining muscle. When it comes to feeding your workouts and recovery, having the correct diet for you is so important.


Remember, Arnold’s Bicep Exercise Routine Is for the Dedicated

Arnold’s routine isn’t designed for beginners. It’s hard and requires commitment. If you’re looking to increase strength and quality training, this could be an important game changer for you.


Arnold Schwarzenegger worked out his arms twice a week throughout his offseason. Why?

Arnold Schwarzenegger strategically built his biceps. Two arm workouts a week were part of a six-day split regimen. This constancy let him work on the triceps, biceps, and forearms independently for complete arm growth.

Arnold’s tough offseason biceps workout: how long and structured?

Arnold’s two-hour offseason biceps training was difficult. It had triceps, biceps, and forearm sections. His muscle growth technique relied on this high-intensity routine and maximum weight.

How did Arnold vary his biceps workout, and why is it important?

Arnold’s biceps workouts were intense and varied. He emphasized numerous angles and elements of the biceps using movements like the Cheating Barbell Bicep Curl, Incline Dumbbell Bicep Curl, One-Arm Concentration Curl, and Standing Alternate Dumbbell Curl to build strength and growth.

What are the most important suggestions for Arnold’s biceps workout?

To maximize results, gradually increase weights, maintain perfect form to avoid injuries, and focus on nutrition. Bulking requires adequate caloric and protein intake for muscular growth and recuperation.

Does Arnold’s biceps workout work for beginners?


In conclusion, an effective biceps workout is crucial for achieving the best results in building and sculpting the bicep muscle. Incorporating targeted exercises such as bicep curl, dumbbell curl, and other variations is essential for comprehensive biceps training. By focusing on both the short head and long head of the biceps brachii muscle, individuals can stimulate muscle fibers and promote balanced development.

To optimize your bicep workout, it’s important to choose the best exercise that not only isolate the biceps but also engage the entire muscle group effectively. Performing exercises like dumbbell curls with proper form and technique is key to maximizing the activation of the biceps muscle. Squeezing the biceps at the peak of the contraction during exercises helps to enhance muscle engagement and promotes muscle growth over time.


Consistency in biceps training is crucial for strength and size gains. Incorporating a variety of exercises and maintaining a well-structured biceps routine contribute to a comprehensive approach for overall upper arm development. By integrating targeted bicep exercises into your fitness regimen, you can effectively train your biceps and achieve the desired muscle growth.

In summary, whether you are aiming to build muscle, increase strength, or improve the aesthetics of your upper arms, a well-rounded biceps workout that includes the best exercises and proper training techniques is essential. Remember to curl the dumbbells with control, emphasizing the mind-muscle connection to achieve optimal results in your biceps training journey.


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